Online Education

The following are two  resources to educate in depth about Parental Alienation


Parental Alienation Study Group

The members of PASG are interested in educating the general public, mental health clinicians, forensic practitioners, attorneys, and judges regarding parental alienation. PASG members are also interested in developing and promoting research on the causes, evaluation, prevention, and treatment of parental alienation.​
Transforming My Negative Experiences into Something Positive

I'm using my experiences to give a behind-the-scenes look at parental alienation and give real-life strategies to help parents create breakthroughs with their children. I'm traveling the world to speak to parents, children, and professionals to prove that parental alienation is real… and to offer solutions. I'm sharing my guidance through a series of books and I'm also the founder of the "Reconnect Academy" a 6-week online training program. I also created to offer real hope and real solutions. I also offer workshops, video series, and group coaching calls to give real-life, practical strategies to create breakthroughs. I'm leading a movement for the #RightToReunite children and their families, and to transform alienated parents into accepted parents.